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In to Out
Tara Khozein - Solo

In to out is a theatrical concert where I explore presence with the audience: Presence of a performer, presence of a host, presence of a friend, presence of a stranger.

In to Out
Theater. 2023

Music. 2023.

Just let the wind

Song based on a poem by Tahirih written for composer Aida Shirazi. 2022.

For Christine Blasey Ford
Word Music. 2018.

Gesture-Music for performer with ovaries and f# nipple gong. 2022.

Two Belflower Songs
Songs. For poems by Kimberly Belflower. 2019.

I said she said
Song. Inspired by old Persian poems as translated by @PersianPoetics. 2023.

For Olivia Shortt
y Raven Chacon
From "For Zitkála-Šá. 2022.

For 8 singers in the High Desert
Ensemble Structured Improvisation. 2024.
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