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Performance photo of Tara Khozein with a very special leaf blower

© Kate Russell 2019

Performance photo of Tara Khozein as an operatic sea urchin in a circus show.

© Kate Russell 2016

A headshot of soprano and theater artist Tara Khozein.
A headshot of soprano and theater artist Tara Khozein.

© Raunak Kapoor 2022

Recordings & Videos

Tara Khozein & Thea Soti: Live at Lumen (released 2024)
This is a selection of pieces from a fully improvised concert on "Free the Music" series in 2023. This recording is also available as an online album as the 14th part of Prepost Records' "Prepost Pirate Live Series". Audio & video recording mixed, edited & mastered by Dávid Tamás PAP.

Kat and the Devil (2023-24)
Kat and the Devil is a quintet of improvising classical and jazz musicians where I sing and speak using prewritten texts based around an author or theme. Our performances are often funny, melodic, pan-idiomatic, surprising, and theatrical. Our previous programs include Witches, Basho, James Joyce, Hallucinogens, and Architecture. Our first project (and our namesake) comes from James Joyce's short story "The Cat and the Devil". Here are some excerpts from our first performance as a quintet.

Hostage Opera / Geiseloper (2021-23)
Hostage Opera, by Samu Gryllus is a documentary, semi-improvised, participatory opera using projection, recitativo storytelling, and conducted improvisation. The performance places the audience in a situation where they can experience the humanity, absurdity, and tragedy of the story firsthand, by collectively giving voice to both the young hostages and hostage takers.

Cicaverzum (2023)
I wrote the lyrics and recorded the main theme for Rozalia Szeleczki's debut feature film, Cicaverzum with an original score composed by Ádám Citrom. The lyrics in the song include a secret pun that no one knows about except for me. If you find it, send me a message!

Celebrated director Godfrey Reggio (Koyaanisqatsi) returns after ten years with a new experimental film unlike any other from his already daring career: a bardic fairy tale about the end of the world and the beginning of a new one, tinged with apocalyptic comedy, rapturous cinematography, unforgettable vistas, and the innocence and hopes of a new generation. Featuring an original score by Philip Glass and Sussan Deyhin with additional vocals by Tara Khozein, edited by Jon Kane, and executive produced by Steven Soderbergh and Alexander Rodnyansky.

KHHH (2022)
An ad hoc quartet plays fully improvised music. This is the full performance, recorded live at Lumen, Budapest on 26 April 2022
Tara Khozein - vocals | Péter Hárságyi - drums | Ernő Hock - bass | Nándor Hevesi - guitar, synth
Audio & video recorded by, mixed, edited & series produ
ction by Dávid Tamás Pap
PAP Prepost Records / Monkey Busine
ss Productions

Iterations (Unsilent Desert Press. 2021)
Iterations is the (mostly) unedited documentation of a single session of duets of Carlos Santistevan (upright bass) and Tara Khozein (voice) recorded on Friday June 25th, 2021, in Santa Fe, NM. We made these sounds, thinking very often of our common friend and mentor, J.A. "Dino" Deane, who took his final exit shortly after we made this recording. 2 humans, 2 microphones, 1 instrument, 1 voice. 16 Iterations.

The cover art for a tape of improvised duos with bassist Carlos Santistevan.

she is patient or panning for gold (2021)
This is the video documentation of a Voice-Theatre work created for Holly Grimm’s Aikphrasis. The work is a response to a poetic text, which artist Holly Grimm created, using an AI text-generator.

The Tara & Rhonda Show (2018 & 2017)
This is the video documentation of two years of text-based scores written by and for the Tara & Rhonda Show with Rhonda Taylor (saxophones) and Tara Khozein (voices).

Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return (2016)
These are works created for use in Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I provided the vocal recordings. I am not credited as an artist on Meow Wolf's website, and they instead credit me as a "volunteer" even though I was always paid for my work. This might be because I was part of a class action law suit against them in 2019, where 3 other people and I sued them for discrimination. Here are two pieces that I still like, and that I still feel proud of, along with much of the other work I did while I worked there.

Beamspace Finale feat. Tara KhozeinMI & Kevin Zoernig
00:00 / 10:48
Beamspace Ambient feat. Tara KhozeinMi & Kevin Zoernig
00:00 / 04:04

Garden Project (Chris Jonas. 2015)
Garden is Chris Jonas' three chapter series of live music-driven intermedia performance/installations developed over 5 years that use linear-immersive media (live music, installation, transparent screens and projected video) to explore expressive, atmospheric, metaphoric, psychological and cross-cultural realms of place, night time and the intersection of the human and natural environment.

*All vocal sounds and choices were made by the singer. Verbal instruction was given, but no musical material was notated.

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