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I give students the tools they need to teach themselves, and find more freedom.


teaching: By designing voice lessons and long-term goals in collaboration with each student, I help singers become more sensitive to their bodies, find freedom of physical movement and vocal expression, and to think analytically and calmly about their technique, without falling into the paralysis of self-criticism.

style and technique: I teach a variety of styles including classical singing, free-improvisation, jazz, musical theater/operetta, and offer creativity coaching. I teach the vocal technique that will best serve the goals of the student, which depends on their stylistic interests. For my own technic, I draw from somatic movement methods, bel canto manuals, the hard science of anatomy and acoustics, and the soft science of metaphor.

students: I will happily work with any student who is dedicated to making progress, taking risks, making mistakes, and working with me to achieve their goals.

fees: I offer lessons on a sliding scale, based on what every student is able to pay. This makes it possible for lower-income students to receive the same quality of instruction as higher-income students. In this way, those who are able to pay full price, or above full price, provide scholarships for those who are not able to do so. I hope that this micro-economy can set a precedent in the way small businesses can contribute to equitable access to arts education.

I am now accepting new students to my online vocal studio. Contact me directly here.

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