Teaching Philosophy

I start everyone with classical vocal technique, and continually refer back to it since I believe that it offers the best foundation for healthy singing. In every lesson we work on breathing, maintaining a free and engaged body, and developing a well supported sound throughout the different parts of the voice. In addition to technical work, we regularly do exercises to develop aural skills, musicianship, and linguistic flair.


My goal is primarily to help my students sing the repertoire they are most passionate about, so while I often assign classical pieces to develop their technique, most of what they sing is drawn from the genre of their choosing.

If the student is most interested in:


Classical Music, we focus heavily on languages, character development, and developing an athletic and relaxed approach to singing.


Pop Styles, we work on finding their unique vocal sound and developing a toolset of vocal stylings, which they use to craft covers or polish their own songs.


Jazz, we work on ear-training, improvisation, text, and arrangement.


Musical Theatre, we focus on diction, text, and finding the distinct voice of each character.


Contemporary Classical Music, we work on improvisation, how to approach intimidating scores, and experiment with a myriad of possible vocal colors, percussive sounds, and other extended vocal techniques.


Lastly and most importantly, I am interested in helping people find their voices and become confident in their singing. Therefore, I take serious students of all ages and levels. I like to play a lot in my lessons, and ask that my students come in ready to experiment and make big mistakes.


If you are in Santa Fe, please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or for a free introductory lesson.