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nice things people have said

links to people and organizations I've worked with or admire from afar

"Tara Khozein is a beautiful artist with not only a first rate voice but also with the ability to really communicate with her audience! The most important thing above all however is that she is a lovely human being with a sweet spirit that one sees right away! Brava Tara!"

- Jennifer Larmore, Mezzo-soprano



"I have been taking lessons from Tara for the past year. She an inspirational, challenging, and patient teacher. I always leave my lessons with her feeling excited to share my voice with the world."

- Apollo Garcia, Circus Artist



"At age 62, Tara Khozein taught me to sing. She did not say, 'You are too old. Go away.' She said, 'Great. Let's get started.'  And we did.  I sang in Italian, I sang in English, I sang with joy and deep satisfaction.  While I was with Tara, my life had bumps. Music and Tara carried me through it all. Armed with musical skills taught to me by my wonderful teacher, I joined a magnificent choir. The choir has become my strength and peace, all thanks to my lessons with Tara."

- Dr. Jane Nicholson, Psychologist and Choral Singer



Travis Alford | composer

Georges Aperghis | composer


Tony Arnold | soprano


Stephen Auger | artist, color theorist, curator


Jennifer Beattie | mezzo-soprano


Jessie Downs | composer, teacher, singer


Felix Fan | cellist


Christie Finn | soprano, poet, artist


Eric Harper | composer, singer, guitar


Thollem McDonas | keyboardist, composer, improviser


Meredith Monk | composer, singer, director, creator

Irina Nedelcu | pianist, coach


Amadeus Regucera | composer, drummer


Thomas Rosenkranz | pianist, composer


Tina Tallon | composer, arts documentarian


Rhonda Taylor | saxophone

Anna Thorvaldsdottir | composer


Emmaly Wiederholt | dancer, writer

Viola Yip | composer, performer

organizations, ensembles, spaces


Dandelion Dancetheater | dance theater company, oakland


École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq | physical theatre school, paris


Fifth House Ensemble | chamber music ensemble, chicago


Theater Grottesco | theater company, santa fe


JACK Quartet | string quartet, nyc


ICE | International Contemporary Ensemble

The Krumple | theater company, paris/oslo/nyc


Meow Wolf | artist collective, santa fe


New Mexico Performing Arts Society | baroque & classical music, santa fe


New Music on the Point | new music festival, lake dunmore


Radical Abacus | curated art space, santa fe


Railyard Performance Center | class and performance space, santa fe


Santa Fe Independent Film Festival | annual festival, santa fe


Santa Fe Performing Arts | community theater company, santa fe

SecondMuse | innovation and collaboration agency, global


SoundSCAPE | new music festival, maccagno


enoa | network of European cultural institutions


Stance on Dance | dance blog edited by Emmaly Wiederholt, the internet


Wise Fool New Mexico | circus company, santa fe

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